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Sax sur le fleuve is the apogee of a series of luxury residential complexes located in Quebec City, Mont-Royal and on Nuns’ Island. This final Sax project undoubtedly owes its charm and character to its unique location on the edge of the St. Lawrence River in the heart of Old Montreal. Sax sur le fleuve shares the same refined design of its predecessors, but stands apart with a distinguished touch that surrounds it in a distinct and prestigious ambience.


Since 1996, Kevlar has continued to build the future. None of the company’s projects are conceived in the present day; rather, each one is imagined and designed with an eye to tomorrow, as a timeless and bold realization.

The Kevlar signature is synonymous with success, and its leading reputation is proof of it. Through its passion, sharp business sense and flair for innovation, Kevlar breathes new vitality into each project. When ambition, uncompromising detail and farsightedness come together, there is no limit to what they can inspire and create.