Condo project for sale in Old Montreal | Sax sur le fleuve
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With its class and unique character, Sax sur le fleuve is the exclusive Old Montreal address that everyone desires, which will become a reality in Spring 2020. Your own abode where you can watch the gentle flow of the river while feeling the surge of the city’s bustle. Whether you enjoy the abundant natural lighting through the bay windows or relax as your mind drifts to the horizon, you’ll find comfort and refinement at every turn.


Inspired by its setting, the design of Sax sur le fleuve is remarkable for its seamless integration into the urban waterfront. With their terraces or private balconies, each one of the 42 units, starting at 1,200 sq. ft., offers a stunning view of some of Montreal’s iconic features: the St. Lawrence River, Jacques Cartier Bridge, the Biosphere and Clock Tower.

Un projet de Kevlar


Terraces with sweeping city views run along two sides of the complex. Below, a long wooden walkway leads towards the river’s edge. Common spaces along the river walk feature a fireplace, contributing to a sense of relaxation as you contemplate the river in a unique décor.

On the other side, a pool is set within a huge platform, where residents can lounge under the afternoon sun until it slips behind the horizon. In the area located to the east of the terrace, a workout zone with equipment offers a fresh-air option for staying fit. For indoor times, a fully equipped fitness room brings your routine city-side with a view overlooking the metropolis.


  • 42 exclusive units on 7 floors
  • Spacious 1 to 3 bedrooms condos
  • Floor plans offering from 1,200 sq. ft. to 2,600 sq. ft.
  • Private balconies and terraces rith view of the river
  • Refined interior design with floor to ceiling windows
  • Nobel materials and superior soundproofing
  • 5 appliances and central vacuum included*
* For a limited time, certain conditions apply.


Inspiring and sought-after, Kevlar projects integrate naturally into their surroundings. A leading real estate developer, Kevlar is known for its developments that go beyond the latest trends and redefine industry norms.

Since 1996, Kevlar has been constantly raising the bar with forward-looking projects. This project is only the most recent testament to that vision. With its boldness, creativity and quality workmanship, Sax sur le fleuve bears the Kevlar signature: success.


Sax sur le fleuve is built in the Pomerleau style, with finesse, rigour and passion, and bears its seal of quality. Reflecting the highest standards and featuring cutting-edge materials, Sax is an example of innovation and enduring value.

At Pomerleau, quality is a guiding attitude. Surrounded by the best partners in the industry, the company is a major name in construction. With over 50 years of expertise and a family history marked by growth and evolution, Pomerleau is today a leader in civil and real estate construction, executing over 2,000 projects, including some that have shaped Montreal’s landscape.

Construction Pomerleau


The confident architectural design of Sax sur le fleuve, with its clean lines, grand windows and distinguished air, is the creation of Neuf Architectes. Developed and designed using state-of-the-art technology and a bold innovative process, Sax combines the assurance of quality with luxurious detailing.

With an international profile and a portfolio of over 7,000 projects, Neuf Architectes has put its touch on buildings that define modern Quebec. Technology and creativity shape the daily experience and approach employed by the firm, positioning it as a partner of choice for this prestigious address.

Neuf Architectes


Rebel Design is well-known for its meticulous designs and minimalist aesthetic. The balance of elements highlights chosen focal points to create intimate and prestigious spaces for living.

In a chic, warm atmosphere blanketed with the perfect blend of textures and lighting, Sax sur le fleuve proudly bears the Rebel Design name. The choice of high-end materials such as rock, marble and glass imparts a sophisticated look and ensures long-term durability.

Rebel Design


Thanks to its thorough analysis and multidisciplinary approach, Relief has beautifully and thoughtfully married the exterior spaces with the building’s architecture. Between green zones, the composition of the material ties Sax sur le fleuve’s contemporary envelope to the Old Port’s industrial heritage. Intimate secondary spaces provide greater flexibility and verdant vegetation contrasts vividly with the city.

Mindful of the quality of the environment, the agency Relief Design is known for offering practical and sustainable solutions that adhere to ecological and responsible development principles. A dynamic and youthful spirit animates the agency’s work.

Relief Design